segunda-feira, 20 de junho de 2016

2. Crónica de RITA ALEIXO dos campos de refugiados da Grécia


I usually dont post personal information on facebook but I believe it is important to share the reality of refugee camps in Greece. Getting to know real faces and stories behind numbers is a totally different story. This week I have been working with children in one of the many camps in the country and it has been such a hard but also amazing experience. These kids dont have access to education, some of them never went to school and the older may have left school for several years now because of the war. One activity they really enjoy is drawings, where they are able to express their recent emotions of violence. They draw boats and guns but also their houses at home and family... Yesterday we did a small footbal match with the boys between the team of messi and the team of Ronaldo and despite the sun and heat, they were so happy with it.. I hope this long wait wont prevent them from returning to a normal childhood and education. But the info in the field makes me fear this will take much longer then expected.
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