domingo, 19 de junho de 2016

Rita Aleixo escreve sobre os campos de refugiados na Grécia

RITA ALEIXO deixa aqui um testemunho vivo, cru,. do que viu em alguns campos de refugiados na Grécia.A este relato outros se seguirão.Ela foi como voluntária. Por ela própria.Bem hajas....filha querida.

Foto de Rita Aleixo.

Foto de Rita Aleixo.
Foto de Rita Aleixo.
Today and everyday since I came to volunteer in refugee camps in Greece, i am struggling to understand why we are  taking so long and doing so little for these peoplse peoples lives.. As european it is hard to imagine how this is possible in such a rich continent. I have met many people from Syria, Iraque, Afeganistan, Palestine.. that run away from war, torture, with nothing but hope to arrive somewhere safe. And here they are, kept in camps for months, who knows until when, and with no conditions. It is very sad. We could and should do much more.

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